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With the boom in the economy of Poland the need for the work force is ever increasing and that’s why the work permit laws have been made lenient in Poland. Our company specialises in providing Work Permit for the clients by helping them obtain a Job Offer or Contract Of Employment from the companies here in Poland and also take care of the formalities and legalities involved in the process.


We also offer help in the formation of Polish Limited Liability Company abbreviated as Sp. z.o.o. for our Entrepreneur clients. This is the most popular Legal entity that can be formed in Poland. It is generally used by investors who want to open medium-sized and large companies and it owes its popularity to its flexible structure and relatively easy incorporation procedure.


We are helping non-EU students who want to study abroad for their higher education by providing them options of various Universities and Colleges in Poland. With UK tightening the student visa laws and the high fee structure there, other European countries specially Poland have became a haven for students who want to study in Europe at an affordable price. The standard of education in Poland is at par with other countries of Europe with Polish Universities being in the top 500 Universities in the World.